Mickey Mouse Magic

On 23 March 2014, “Anonymous” wrote an article with Robert Evans titled “6 Things Nobody Tells You About Working at Disney World” that was published on the Cracked website. One thing that the article mentions that we probably already knew about is the level of dedication that Disney employees have — and their propensity to do good deeds. For example, Anonymous wrote about a little girl who face-planted while getting off a ride because she was in such a hurry to get to a parade at which Mickey Mouse would participate. Immediately, four Disney World employees (aka cast members), including Anonymous, went to the bloodied little girl and got her a wheelchair and took her to the first-aid station. She cried, but not because she was bleeding — she cried because she was missing the parade. Anonymous went to the place where the Disney characters hung out and got personally autographed pictures of every character. Then Anonymous gave them to the little girl and said, “I told Mickey you had to miss the parade and he was so upset that he and his friends all signed these pictures for you.” The little girl stopped crying and started smiling. Anonymous also once helped a little girl who was in a wheelchair to the front of the line for Mickey’s magic show. Anonymous got a Mickey Mouse plushie, and while the father of the little girl was holding her so she could get a better view of the magic show, Anonymous put the plushie in the little girl’s wheelchair so that it was waiting for her. The little girl saw the Mickey Mouse plushie and then said to her father, “See! I told you he was magic!”

For More Information: Robert Evans and Anonymous, “6 Things Nobody Tells You About Working at Disney World.” Cracked. 23 March 2014


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