“I Feel Very Richly Blessed, and It Has Nothing to Do with My Bank Account”

On 30 March 2014, fourth-grade teacher Sherry Whitesides was driving with Alan, her 12-year-old son, when a bank bag fell from an SUV in front of her. She stopped her car, and she and her son started picking up $100 bills: 114 of them — $11,400 in all. The two snapped a photograph of themselves with the money, and then Ms. Whitesides drove to a local police station in Clover, North Carolina, and gave the officers there the money. Ms. Whitesides said, “I didn’t even think for a minute about keeping it. I knew if it were mine, I would want somebody to return it.” A Wells Fargo receipt and a driver’s license in the bank bag allowed the police officers to track down the man who owned the money. Ms. Whitesides said, “My whole purpose in doing this was to show my son the money was not ours. When you find stuff like this, the right thing to do is give it back.” She added, “I’m rich in the Lord, and I just know that he has blessed me far more than that little $11,000 could ever bless me.  And I never thought about keeping the money.  My concern was for whoever lost it.” Police Chief Randy Grice said, “You still wonder is this really happening — is this true, is it make believe? [The money is] non-traceable and probably [the owner] would have never figured out where it went to.” Ms. Whitesides, a 20-year veteran teacher at Cotton Belt Elementary School in York, said, “I feel very richly blessed, and it has nothing to do with my bank account.”

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