A Good Deed in Brasov, Romania

On 24 April 2014, anothergxg posted on YouTube a video of him helping a man in Brasov, Romania, who had missed his bus. anothergxg was on a scooter — a 2002 Honda Silverwing, 600cc — so the man hopped on and anothergxg chased after the bus, finally catching up to it so that the man could board it. The text on the YouTube stated, “So I was driving around and I saw a man trying to catch a bus which [he had] obviously missed. I stopped and asked him if he wanted a lift to the next bus stop so he could catch the bus. The rest can be seen in the clip. There’s not much to the conversation: I ask the man if he wants to go with me, then he explains that the next bus would arrive in about 1 hour, then there is some cursing for the driver and finally he thanks me very much for the help I gave him. This is filmed in Brasov, Romania, with Drift HD Ghost and the ‘motorcycle’ is actually a scooter: 2002 Honda Silverwing, 600cc.”

Source: anothergxg, “Troll bus driver.” YouTube. 24 April 2014


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