“We Couldn’t Believe It — There was Close to $40,000 — Which is Now Safely in the Bank”

In April 2014, Anna, who lives in Calgary, Canada, called JustJunk to clear the junk and appliances out of a home she was selling. They did a good job for her, including uncovering some things that were not junk. Anna wrote this:

“Because of the efforts of the JustJunk team, I was able to clear out the house, garage and yard, in order to put the house on the market.  They were very professional and I like the fact that they would sort all of the items for recycling and donation.  That is what originally drew me to the company.  

 “While they were first clearing out the basement — and pulling out the shelving, out poured 5 tins of money from underneath the boards.  The money was from 1988 and I believe had been forgotten about a long time ago. I was upstairs and they called me right away — it was quite a find! We couldn’t believe it — there was close to $40,000 — which is now safely in the bank. 

 “My aunt and uncle had lived there since 1966. My uncle passed away in 2007 and my aunt passed away in 2012. They had come from a time in Europe where you would need to leave your home in the middle of the night with only the clothes on your back and the little valuables that you had. Trusting banks or governments just didn’t happen.  When they came to Canada — my uncle was a laborer and my aunt had cleaned offices — they would [have] certainly saved their hard earned cash!
 I very much appreciated Ollie and Peter’s honesty and hard work. I also appreciated Mike’s help with unhooking the appliances safely.”

For Further Information: Junk Diary, “Junk Removers recover $40,000 buried in customer’s home!” Just Junk.com. April 2014


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