Recommended Reading: Everyday Sexism


Everyday Sexism (Recommended Reading and Source):

At work, after my colleagues decided that my refusal to shave my legs except on special occasions is part of my evil feminist plan to dominate my boyfriend by creating a pavlovian reaction to my body hair — “I bet he has to ask permission before he has sex with you”. Well … Yes. I’m not a sex doll.

Everyday sexism is everywhere

A reader writes: “Everyday sexism is also taking your child to the doctor and being asked why their mother couldn’t bring them … Everyday sexism is going to a parent/teacher evening and having the teacher spend 95 per cent of their time addressing your partner … Everyday sexism is taking a walk through a public park and having overprotective mothers glare at you for passing within 100m of the playground.”

Source: Ana Samways, “Sideswipe: April 25: Anzac tribute.” New Zealand Herald. 25 April 2014

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