Полезное мотоциклист (YouTube)

Полезное мотоциклист (YouTube)


“In Russia, motorcyclists, like car drivers, have to drive with cameras. This rider had a helmet-mounted camera turned on when he saw an old man trying to cross a very busy street. He stopped and shielded the pedestrian from traffic with his bike. How kind of him!” — Neatorama

On YouTube, Karl Leahy commented, “There [are] always a few people out there that restore your faith in humanity. What he did wasn’t even a huge deal, but the fact that he did it anyway, shows that there are decent random people in the world that help out strangers when they really need it.”Check out some FREE eBooks about good deeds (and some books for SALE, and some FREE literature discussion guides):


For some stories of good deeds and anecdotes and cosplay, check out the rest of https://davidbruceblog.wordpress.com/

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