Shutocon 2014: Cosplayers, Shenanigans and Fandoms

Another Castle

Image: Kristen Neal Image: CosplayinBlack&White

Shutocon this year was a wonderful experience! Anime conventions have plenty to offer with different bands and panels showing different things such as how to sew or how to pose for a photographer — there’s something for everyone and every fandom.

Shutocon was filled with people attending to play video games, games such as Magic the Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons, purchase anime and manga related goods, and cosplay, which is short for costume play, as a fictional character from a comic, anime, video game and more.

Shutocon attendees hit a total 5,445  this year — they didn’t hit their marker but that’s okay Shuto, maybe next year! I had so much fun compared to last year! There were a lot more people than last year’s Shuto, and it’s definitely getting bigger! Big thanks to the Shutocon press staff for allowing me to review!  Let’s get down to the basics!


The staff and volunteers were…

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