“Has a random guy ever pretended to know you because he wanted to get a creepy dude to stop harassing you?”

On 30 May 2014, Redditor ImaPlayaAskYourMOm asked, “Has a random guy ever pretended to know you because he wanted to get a creepy dude to stop harassing you?” Here are some replies (lightly edited):

• frau-fremdschamen wrote, “Yes. I never even found out his name, but good GOD was I thankful. I was staring desperately at every person who walked by, and he was the one who finally stopped. He came up, said ‘Hey, I lost you!’ (we were in a bookstore). He said hey to the creepy dude, said something about going to Starbucks, and led me off. I thanked him when we were off in another section and he was like ‘no problem’ and wandered off.

“He was like my bad haircut guardian angel.”

• jumpforcheese wrote, “I frequent a cafe in town, it’s a pretty trendy place, and the people who work there are super friendly.

“One day I was sitting in a corner studying with a cup of coffee, and this guy was constantly pestering me. I obviously wasn’t interested, and he kept asking me the most mundane questions. I was trying really hard to get work done (headphones in, head down in books, etc.).

“Then one of the guys who works brought me out a drink. He said that my boyfriend had made a new recipe and I could try it. This was implying that I had a bf who worked in the back at the cafe. The annoying guy immediately left. AND I got a free, super awesome smoothie.

“It was awesome! The guy who did this was half my age, and I DID have a bf elsewhere, so there was nothing romantic about this exchange. But sheesh do I tip well when I go there these days.”

• nightcirus wrote, “I was rescued from a drunk old creeper on a cruise ship by an officer who simply placed himself between me and the creeper and just starting talking to me like he has known me forever. It was a godsend because this guy was borderline rapey. I was really thankful and talked to the officer throughout the rest of the cruise [ten days].”

• wegotbatzz wrote, “Yes! Outside a club in Glasgow waiting for my friends to collect from the cloakroom. A really creepy guy started edging closer and closer to me and even though I tried to casually stroll away to another spot where I could wait, he kept appearing at my side and trying to engage conversation with really terrible, aggressively sexual chat-up lines. Out of nowhere a young Canadian guy greeted me with a ‘Hey! Come on, we’re ready to go!’ put his arm round me, and led me away back towards the door of the club and waited with me ’til my friends came out. I was very confused at first when he led me away, but it was very sweet of him, and all the while we chatted I could see Creepy McCreeperson glaring at him from afar.”

• thestarshine (a female) wrote, “No, but a female friend pretended to be a possessive girlfriend when this creepy drunk guy got way too close to me at a party once. He backed the f[**]k off.”

• unamessahmahvehrr (a female) wrote, “I’ve found that you don’t even have to go as far as being ‘the girlfriend’. Just outnumbering a creeper can do the trick because they like to go after solo targets.

“Note: I’m 6’3”, like to wear heels (so more like 6’5”), and was taught well the art of ‘staring a f[**]ker down until he runs’ by my Biker Dad. YMMV [You may have a different experience or different results. It worked for me. Your mileage may vary].”

For Further Information: ImaPlayaAskYourMOm, “Has a random guy ever pretended to know you because he wanted to get a creepy dude to stop harassing you?” Reddit. 30 May 2014


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