“Parents of Gay Children, Did You Know Your Child was Gay Before They Came Out?”

On 9 June 2014, Redditor js404 asked, “Parents of gay children, did you know your child was gay before they came out?” Here are some (lightly edited) replies:

1) Fire_Bucket wrote, “My cousin is a lesbian; when she sat her mum and step-dad down to ‘tell them something,’ my uncle in all of his tact and brilliance said, ‘You’re either going to say you’re pregnant or gay, and I’m 99% sure you’re not pregnant.’

“No malice in it at all, and when she confirmed she was about to come out she got a big hug from both of them and [they] told [her] how proud they were of her for having the courage to tell them, etc.”

2) ruinr wrote, “Brother of lesbian. I’ve known since she was probably 10-11. She was always tomboy-ish, but when my highly acclaimed collection of Jenny McCarthy Playboys came up missing and then [were] later found under her mattress, I knew. Didn’t care either. I f[**]king love my sister.”

3) -JustShy- wrote, “A few years ago, my sister told me she’d been dating a girl for a year. My friend says, ‘So she’s dated a girl for longer than you have?’”

Redditor Booostedd commented, “Tell your friend to make a Reddit account so we can upvote him.”

4) Iusedtobeonimgur wrote, “When my friend came out, he said, ‘Mom, I think I’m gay.’ His mom replied, ‘You’re the only one who’s not absolutely sure you are.’”

5) thebestworstredditor wrote, “When I was about 16, I decided to come out to my family as bisexual so I sauntered into the kitchen like I always do, only this time I felt a small stammer to my steps. I stood in the kitchen and said, ‘So, uh, I’m bisexual.’ This prompted my Mother to stop doing dishes, my brother to pause his video game, and my Dad to look up from the kitchen table, then they all look at each other, exchanging multiple looks, until my Dad breaks the silence with, ‘That makes SO much sense.’ They are incredibly supportive of everything I do. :)”

eneka commented, “Heh, a friend of mine was telling me how when he came out to his parents they didn’t say a single word. His dad stuck out his hand and looked at my friend’s mom. She hastily took out a $50 to hand to him since she lost the bet.”

For Further Information: js404, “Parents of Gay Children, Did You Know Your Child was Gay Before They Came Out?” Reddit. 9 June 2014


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