First Moon Party / The Camp Gyno

First Moon Party (YouTube)

“Do you recall The Camp Gyno? Now HelloFlo, a company that sells menstrual supplies, is back again with a new ad about a girl’s first period, and the party her mom throws to celebrate it. Technically safe for work, but be warned that there are plenty of jokes and imagery you might not want to share with your boss or co-workers. You’ll never look at Florida the same way again.” — Neatorama

The Camp Gyno (YouTube)

“This ad for a tampon delivery service features a 12-year-old who was the first at her summer camp to get her first period. The whole thing is quite funny and will no doubt benefit the company, but the most unrealistic parts are 1. summer camp that lasts more than five days, and 2. young girls who have regular cycles. Oh, and if you’re squeamish, be warned that this contains girl talk.” — Neatorama!1fzI6

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