Bryson Rowley Possibly Saved Multiple Kids’ Lives

On 31 May 2014, a 14-year-old stole a car and drove it recklessly, endangering the lives of children as the teenaged boy drove recklessly through Founders Park as he fled police in Syracuse, Utah. Bryson Rowley stopped the teen by blocking the teen’s vehicle with his Dodge Ram pickup truck. His wife, Brandy, said, “I was videoing my husband doing some tricks and all of a sudden a car came speeding into the parking lot at the skate park. He was kind of backed into a corner by two cops, evaded around him, took off, disappeared for about five minutes, then we hear him coming down Antelope Drive again.” The teen drove through the park. She said, “All of a sudden he came towards them, driving through the field. [He] drove through the field, barely missing multiple kids.” Mr. Rowley said, “The kids had to jump out of the way, and jump over the curb.” He added, “I could just hear the sirens, and the sound of the car coming back toward the park and getting closer. […] You could hear the turbo of the car getting closer. You could hear him coming back that way. So I was going to block the road that was the only entrance back into the park. By the time I got my truck there, he was making the corner to come in. So we impacted. I stopped him.” The 14-year-old had also stolen a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun. Mr. Rowley was surprised to learn that the driver was only 14, but he said, “Would that have changed what I done? No. Fourteen or not, he put all those kids in danger. I would do it again.” He added, “I didn’t want him to get back there with the kids. He didn’t care the first time, the second time, so I didn’t want anything bad to happen to them. The fact he showed no remorse for the kids ….” Brandy said about her husband, “He’ll do anything to protect [the neighborhood kids]. So I’m not surprised he did it one bit.” Mr. Rowley’s truck suffered damage to the front suspension and bumper. Bryan Ellison, co-owner of the auto body shop West Valley Carstar in West Valley City, decided to help. He said, “I knew the insurance, because it was intentionally done, wouldn’t pay for [the repairs]. Just knowing that he could have saved multiple kids’ lives — the least I could do was get the truck fixed at no cost.” Community members donated the parts. West Valley Carstar did $15,000 worth of work, going far beyond what was needed to repair the damage caused by stopping the reckless teen. The truck got new shocks, new turbos, new front differential parts, a new back bumper, and a new fuel system. The teen was taken to the Farmington Bay Juvenile Detention Facility.

For Further Information: Natalie Crofts, “Man who stopped fleeing driver ‘would do it again’ to protect kids.” KSL (Salt Lake City, Utah). 26 June 2014

For Further Information: Pat Reavy, “Man who stopped fleeing driver ‘would do it again’ to protect kids.” KSL (Salt Lake City, Utah). 2 June 2014

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