“What are Random Acts of Kindness You have Done or Received?”

On 1 July 2014, Redditor LittleVietnameseMan asked, “What are random acts of kindness you have done or received?” Here are some (lightly edited) replies:

1) Here_comes_the_kong wrote, “Just before NYE [New Year’s Eve] 2013 I was in Canada visiting family. I was staying in a hotel by myself in Vancouver until we were to all meet up just after NYE.

“It was about 6:30 and I was getting hungry so I decided to take a wander about to see what there was around. A few blocks from my hotel was a big corner convenience store like almost a supermarket.

“Now I’m not a big fan of cash, I tend to use [credit or debit] card wherever possible as I find coins and notes annoying. So I’d no cash on me.

“Right near the entrance of the store was a homeless guy sitting on a piece of cardboard looking pretty worse for the wear. Only had a sh[**]ty old blanket and it was quite cold out. As I passed him he asked if I had any change and I replied, ‘Sorry, I’ve got no change.’

“Normally I just ignore homeless, but for some reason after I’d passed him and reached the sliding doors of the store, I stopped and went back to him. I said, ‘I haven’t got any cash, just card. Is there anything you’d like from inside the store?’

“He said thanks but not to worry. I assumed he wanted money for smokes or liquor or something. I went inside the store, got what I wanted for myself but then thought ‘f[**]k it’ so I got an extra large fruit salad with a fork, a massive bottle of water, and a warm beef sandwich to give to the homeless guy.

“As I left the store, sure enough he was still there asking people for change, most of whom just ignored him.

“I went up to him and said, ‘Here, I got you a few things,’ and I put next to him what I’d purchased. His eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas and he shook my hand and thanked me over and over. I assured him he was welcome and it was no big deal as I walked away.

“I kinda regret not sitting with him, introducing myself and eating my meal with him, too. People like this often have great stories and they get very little proper human interaction.

“And besides, who knows? Maybe that will be me later in life? A few mistakes or wrong turns and anyone can end up in that situation.”

2) BlackCaaaat wrote, “When I was 18, my cousin and I went to a nightclub way out in the ’burbs. We had a huge bust-up, and she left me stranded with no money and a flat mobile. A guy I had seen around for awhile found me crying at the curb, and he offered [me] his couch to stay on, and money for the bus in the morning. So we cabbed it back to his house, and his mum was lovely. In the morning, once he sobered up, he decided to drive me home to my place rather than leave me at the bus stop. A fifty-minute drive. He didn’t once try to hit on me, he was just there like a good guy would be. No, I didn’t get his number. I should have, though. Silly me.”

3) mcnallyformayor wrote, “I was in a diner with my wife and son and a few friends. At some point during the meal I notice a guy from across the room staring at us. This is Texas, and the friends we were with are gay, so I thought maybe the guy was offended and couldn’t stop himself from staring (it happens). This guy walks up to the table as he’s ready to leave, with a piece of paper in his hand. He hands it to me, and without looking at it I said, ‘I don’t want that,’ thinking it was a religious tract or something hateful he’d written down. He puts it down on the table anyway, and says, ‘For you.’ It was this amazing sketch of all of us, just beautiful. I ran after him and thanked him, and have had it on my bulletin board for years to remind me not to be a dick and assume the worst. Thank you, random/kind artist.”

4) djtall23 wrote, “Everyone always gives Jehovah’s Witnesses loads of sh[*]t, but I was walking home one day in monsoon weather, and these two dudes ran across the road to me to give me their umbrella. They told me they were walking only another 5 minutes and I looked like I needed it more. Little things like that.”

For Further Information: LittleVietnameseMan, “Reddit: What are random acts of kindness you have done or received?” Reddit. 1 July 2014


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