In a YouTube video posted on 19 February 2014, a man who calls himself Yogi dressed as a homeless person and carried a cardboard sign that asked, “ARE YOU KIND?” Whenever someone wanted to give him money, he did not accept it; instead, he said that he was not homeless, thanked the person for being kind, and gave the kind person $5. In his comment for the video, he wrote, “Giving back is amazing, especially when they deserve it. These kind people could have kept their eyes forward, ignored me…. Unlike like the hundreds that passed by, these few were giving. I rewarded them for that ….” In the video, he told one driver, “I want to thank you for being a thoughtful person. You didn’t have to roll your window down, you didn’t have to give me money, but you chose to do so.”

For Further Information: “GUY DRESSED AS HOMELESS GIVES BACK.” YouTube. 19 February 2014


For Further Information: Melissa McGlensey, “‘Homeless’ Man Spreads Kindness By Rewarding Generous People Who Offer Him Money.” Huffington Post. 10 July 2014


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