“TL;DR: Got Sick, Kroger Saved My Life”

Good Girl Pharmicist

Source: tinroof-rusted, “Thank you, pharmacist intern!” Imgur. 13 July 2014


On 13 July 2014, Redditor tinroof-rusted posted on Imgur a Good Girl Gina meme with this text: “DOESN’T HAVE A PRESCRIPTION THAT I NEED IN STOCK / CALLS 10 DIFFERENT PHARMACIES UNTIL SHE FINDS ONE THAT DOES AND TRANSFERS THE SCRIPT AND KEEPS ME UPDATED THE WHOLE TIME.” CrazyIvan07 commented, “Hope you put in a good word for them!” tinroof-rusted replied, “I absolutely did.” Guess_My_Name_ wrote, “When I was 13, I came down with a very bad case of pneumonia and I was prescribed some medicine that was in short supply for some reason. Well, we sent the script to the Kroger that we usually went to, but they didn’t have it. I’ll never forget what they did at that pharmacy. They then called every pharmacy in the area to find it. Meanwhile, my fever was spiking and things were getting desperate for me. I could not even open my mouth to talk without throwing up or at least doubling over in pain. Unfortunately, one after the other the pharmacies all were unable to get any of the medicine. And then at 11:00pm right as we were getting ready to head to the ER as I was dehydrated and my fever had spiked to a dangerous level, the Kroger called and said they found the only pharmacy within 30 minutes that had the medicine and specifically told the pharmacy to stay open for us. They saved my life. We later found out that the lady who had been helping us had stayed 4 hours after her shift was over just to help find us the medicine. Can’t thank them enough for basically saving my life. Needless to say we still go there for our meds. TL;DR: got sick, Kroger saved my life.”

For Further Information: tinroof-rusted, “Thank you, pharmacist intern!” Reddit. 13 July 2014


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