A $1,000 Tip on a $114 Check

In July 2014, Michael Shafts, a server at The Ginger Man restaurant in Albany, New York, received a $1,000 tip on a $114 check. The tip came from a man celebrating his 47th birthday. On the credit card slip, that man wrote in the $1,000 tip and added this note: “Pay it forward. My birthday present to me!” Mr. Shafts sad, “He brought a very good 47-year-old bottle of wine with him, and I handled it well, but I always try to give excellent service and to be a little different. I look young, so maybe people don’t expect it, but I always try to give the best service to all of my customers.” Ginger Man manager Julie Byron said, “Honestly, I was stunned.” Mr. Shafts continued to wait tables after giving the tip. Ms. Bryon said, “I saw him waiting on other tables — it was like 7 p.m. And I said, ‘Michael, I can’t believe you’re not walking out the door.’ And he was like, ‘Julie, I would never do that to you!’ He played it cool and continued to give great service to the rest of his tables. Then he went home and was texting me at 11 p.m., saying, ‘I can’t believe it!’ He’s a very hardworking young man. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!” Mr. Shafts said, “I shared the tip with the other workers in the front and the back of the house. I know where he [the tipper] works, and I plan to go visit him and thank him personally.”

For More Information: “The $1,000 tip at The Ginger Man.” All Over Albany. 18 July 2014


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