Standing Up to Street Harassers, Part 2

Near the end of the 2014 International Anti-Street Harassment Week, Buzzfeed writer Julia Pugachevsky put together an article titled “28 Troubling Stories Of Street Harassment.” Some of the stories involved standing up to the harassers:

1) “I was walking from my apartment to the subway, minding my own business, when I dropped my phone on the sidewalk. I picked it up and went on my merry way when next thing I know, I hear this man shout, ‘Do it again!’ I turn around to see this 60- or 70-year-old man with his iPhone pointed at my [*]ss. Let’s say the only thing he ended up getting was a picture of my middle finger.” — Alexandra Vucetic

2) “I was walking in Cairo with two female friends when a group of young men started catcalling us in Arabic. We were all dressed modestly, long sleeves, scarves, long pants or an ankle-length skirt, but they continued nonetheless — they started following us down the street. After a block of this, one of my friends turned around and started yelling at them in Arabic. They looked really shocked that we (or some of us) could understand them and actually turned around and slinked off. I asked my friend what she’d said, and she said she’d asked them how they would feel if someone talked to their mothers or sisters like this and that they should be ashamed of themselves.” — Ellie Hall

3) “Walking back to my apartment in Crown Heights one night with my roommate, I noticed there was a man starting to follow us. My roommate didn’t realize he was behind us, though I could feel the panic building in my body as he came closer and closer. From the side of my eye I noticed a black car slowly pulling up to us from the side. Seriously, was this really happening? Double harassed. But just as the man behind us was going to make contact, a man from inside the car rolled down his window and aggressively yelled at the man behind us: ‘Hey, leave these ladies alone! Are you both all right? Sir, please stop.’ The man following us quickly turned and left, and the man in the car kindly drove next to us until we got to our apartment. So, that’s my knight-in-shining-car story.” — Ashley Perez

For More Information: Julia Pugachevsky, “28 Troubling Stories Of Street Harassment.” BuzzFeed. 4 April 2014

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