“If [Mark Ruffalo] Ever Finds My Wallet, I Expect Him to Return the Favor”

In July 2014, actor Mark Ruffalo, who has played the character Bruce Banner / the Hulk in the movie The Avengers, was in Chicago, Illinois, where he lost his wallet in a taxi. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan named Ross McHale found it and tweeted him on July 18: “I have your wallet. Found it in a cab in chicago on Friday. Let me know the best way to get it back to you. Thanks.” Mr. Ruffalo responded, “Thank you! Wow! Another point for the decency in people.” He also tweeted, “You are a hero!” The two then exchanged information so that Mr. Ruffalo could get his wallet back. Mr. McHale said, “If [Mark Ruffalo] ever finds my wallet, I expect him to return the favor.”

For More Information: “Mark Ruffalo’s Wallet Magically Returned … By Someone Who Never Heard Of Him.” TMZ. 22 July 2014


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