“Thanks for Being There, and Not Leaving One Minute Before or One Minute After. Thank You for Saving My Baby’s Life”

On Saturday, 30 November 2013, Peter Holland, a Challenger Motor Freight driver from Waterdown, Ontario, Canada, and Fredrick Robatcek, a professional driver from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, were at a Denny’s in the Pilot Flying J Truck Stop at I-30 and Highway 108 in Texarkana, Arkansas, when a woman went into labor. She had been on her way to the hospital, but she and her sister stopped to pick up their mother, who worked at Denny’s. But the baby started being born, and the woman — 21-year-old Kaycee Triana — screamed. Mr. Holland said, “When I got up in the morning, I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. … When I went around the corner to get coffee, there was this blood-curdling scream.” Triana said, “I just dropped my pants because the head was half-way out,” she said. “Fred came over and laid me down and went ahead and got the rest of my pants off.” Mr. Holland said, “Everyone was just watching. There was just a lot of blood and it was just a matter of they didn’t know what to do. I dived in and did what I thought should be done.” Mr. Robatcek assisted. He said, “I needed to keep her calm. I was holding her hand so she had something to cling on to.” Mr. Holland and Mr. Robatcek assisted in the delivery and moved the umbilical cord from around the 10-pound, 4-ounce baby boy’s neck. Ms. Triana said, “Everyone started clapping and applauding. [I] just thank God they were there, that they stayed calm and helped me because no one else was going to help. They are my angels.” In a newspaper article, Ms. Triana thanked the two truck drivers: “Thanks for being there, and not leaving one minute before or one minute after. Thank you for saving my baby’s life.” The baby grabbed the little finger of Mr. Holland, who said, “It wasn’t until I got back in my truck and was headed toward Mexico that I realized … I just helped someone through a very difficult situation and delivered a healthy baby boy — and all before breakfast!” Mr. Robatcek said, “What a great experience this time of year. I’ve been feeding off the energy … I’m sure God was just chuckling as all this unfolded. He was the one who dispatched us there.” Mr. Holland said, “It was emotional. I went on my way to Mexico and it dawned on me what I had just done. It was good. I was very happy.” Ms. Triana and her husband, Ramon, named their son Andrew “Andi” Alfredo Avendano. Mr. Robatcek said, “America thinks that drivers are the worst people on the planet. I don’t want that image. I never wanted that image. For the positivity that came out of this, really for the whole industry, is just wow, what a great occupation.” Mr. Holland said, “You can have all the money in the world, but the newborn smile of the baby … that’s something I’ll live with the rest of my life.” The Truckload Carriers Association named both Mr. Holland and Mr. Robatcek Highway Angels in recognition of their good deed.

For More Information: Aprille Hanson, “Truckers Peter Holland, Fred Robatcek Add 10-Plus-Pound Baby To Their List Of Deliveries.” The Trucker. 1-14 January 2013 [apparently a typo for 2014]


For More Information: “Challenger driver named Highway Angel for helping deliver baby.” Truck News. 10 April 2014


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