A Good Deed for Ramadan

On a Ramadan evening in 2014, as Rasheed Pericheri, a 36-year-old Indian, was going to a mosque to pray, he found a small blue purse containing credit cards, money, and important United Arab Emirates and Italian documents lying on a pavement in Abu Dhabi, capitol city of the UAE. He used the driving license he found in the purse to find the purse’s true owner and return her purse, which contained 25,000 dirhams ($6,800 in US dollars) to her. The owner of the purse, an Italian woman named Elvira, said, “I was carrying Dh 25,000 to buy three tickets for me and my two sons to fly to Italy. My husband, an engineer in Abu Dhabi, had a heart attack and we had to repatriate him to Italy. He has still not recovered and is in a coma. I am so grateful to Rasheed, who took the pain to track me down and hand over the purse.” Mr. Pericheri said, “When I called her to inform her that I had found the purse, with the money, she began crying. She said a big thank you and gave me some money also as a gesture of gratitude.”

For More Information: “Indian returns lost purse, money to its rightful owner in UAE.” DNAINDIA.com. 29 July 2014


For More Inforamtion: “Indian returns lost purse filled with 25,000 dirhams in UAE.” World News Report. 29 July 2014


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