A Surprise for Mom and Dad

Also: Timothy DeLaGhetto, “Surprise for Mom & Dad.” YouTube. 28 July 2014


Timothy DeLaGhetto is a popular YouTube comedy star — he has 2.5 million subscribers. Having so many subscribers, he makes a fair amount of money from his YouTube videos. How much? Enough that in July 2014 he was able to give his parents $340,000 to pay off their mortgage. His real name is Tim Chantarangsu, and his parents, who own a restaurant, came to the United States from Thailand. He said, “Not a lot of people do what I do, especially as an Asian American guy. My comedy is pretty obscene and I’m pretty blunt with the jokes I make, so I stick out from the norm. I’ve built a pretty strong following of people who enjoy what I do. I try to have a strong message of positivity and spreading joy and love to the world.” Mr. Chantarangsu lives close to his parents in Paramount, California. He said, “I was going to college for my parents, but eventually I got to the point where I was doing all right at both — college and Internet stuff. I realized I needed to pick one if I wanted to excel at something, so I stopped going to school.” What if his mother wants him to return to school? He laughed and said, “I would tell her, ‘Do you want me to go back to school or pay your bills?’”

For More Information: Susanna Kim, “YouTube Comedy Star Pays Off Parents’ $340,000 Mortgage.” Yahoo! News. 29 July 2014


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