A Good Deed for Tourists

curtrog wrote on Instagram about a good deed that he and a friend named Patricia Ang did (apparently in San Francisco, California) after finding some backpacks that thieves had taken after breaking into tourists’ cars: “My friend @patriciapmang and I found three backpacks on Saturday, clearly dumped after cars were broken into (thieves only want phones and other electronics). Using travel docs in the bags and @facebook, we were able to find the Belgian tourists, who thanked me with their hometown brew and insisted I contact them if I visit Belgium. The third bag had a passport and visa from China, so I took it to the Chinese consulate and happened to see the person who lost it (crazy, I know). I’m not looking to make a habit of doing things like this, but I can’t express how much joy and satisfaction was felt by both sides of these situations.”

For More Information: curtrog, No Title. Instagram. January 2014


For More Information: Patricia Ang. Instagram. Accessed 31 July 2014


For More Information: curtrog. Instagram. Accessed 31 July 2014


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