“We Saw the School Bus, and It was Smoking Real Bad, and We Knew We had to Get Those Kids Out of the Bus”

On 30 April 2014, sisters Bettye Windom and Beth Insley noticed that something was wrong with a Claiborne County school bus on Highway 28 in Copiah County, Mississippi. On the bus were 22 children, the bus driver, and three chaperones. Ms. Windom, age 24, said, “We saw the school bus, and it was smoking real bad, and we knew we had to get those kids out of the bus.” She said that Beth “started flagging them down. It took us probably a mile to get them to pull over. We were running on the side of the bus and we had the flashers on. We were honking and screaming. My sister was out of the vehicle, out the window, screaming at him. We finally got in front of them and slammed on [the] brakes to get them to get out of the bus.” She added, “It took three minutes after we got everyone out for the bus to burn down.” Everyone made it off the bus, which was later declared unsalvageable. Ms. Windom said, “I don’t think I’m a hero. I’m just happy that everybody was OK.”

For More Information: Tammy Estwick, “School bus fire caught on camera.” WAPT (Jackson, Mississippi). 3 May 2014


For More Information: Melissa McGlensey, “Heroic Sisters Save Dozens Of People, Mostly Children, From School Bus Fire In Mississippi.” Huffington Post. 7 May 2014; updated 16 June 2014.


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