No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

On 19 June 2014, the Savannah Morning News (Georgia) published a blog entry by Lydia Ramsey titled “No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded.” In it, Ms. Ramsey wrote about going to Sam’s Club with a friend and allowing a young man who had only a few items to go ahead of her in the checkout line. As the young man was checking out, he asked her, “Do you like cupcakes?” Of course she did. He then invited her and her friend to stop at his cupcake store, Smallcakes, for two free cupcakes. He said, “You did something nice for me, so I want to do something nice for you.” Ms. Ramsey wrote, “A number of good things happened here: I saved him from spending unnecessary time in a checkout line. He rewarded me with a Chocolate Bourbon cupcake (my pick from his tempting array). He gained two new customers and then some because we are now going to tell everyone we know about this nice young man and his brand-new store in beautiful downtown Sandfly (that’s right, Sandfly), Georgia.” She added, “I can’t speak to the cupcake yet since I am saving that for my dessert, but I am quite sure that it, too, will get rave reviews. So you see, no good deed goes unrewarded — at least in my book. In addition, no effort in good manners and customer service will ever go unnoticed. Off to devour my cupcake!”

For More information: Lydia Ramsey, “No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded.” Savannah Morning News (Georgia). 19 June 2014

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