“He Don’t Really Owe Me Nothin’. I’m Just Being a Good Samaritan, That’s All”

Source: “Good samaritan tells how he helped save driver.” WIVB ((Buffalo, New York). YouTube. 14 June 2014


“He Don’t Really Owe Me Nothin’. I’m Just Being a Good Samaritan, That’s All”

On a morning in June 2014, Jonathan Dececco was riding to work on a Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) bus on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, New York, when a car crashed into a bridge abutment and then caught on fire. The driver was still inside. “I got off the bus to try to help him, and I noticed his doors wouldn’t open. So the next thing that came to my head was to turn off the fire. So I ran on the bus and grabbed the fire extinguisher, and I started spraying it all over the car,” Mr. Dececco said. “I was trying to tell him not to move, because he started moving and I didn’t know if his neck was messed up or not.” Making the emergency even more dangerous was leaking gasoline. “I’m scared as hell that the whole car would’ve blew up,” Mr. Dececco said. Buffalo police and firefighters arrived quickly, and firefighters extricated the seriously injured driver, a young man, from the car. Later, Mr. Dececco’s friends started to leave messages on his Facebook account, and he realized that he was acquainted with the young man whose life he helped save. He knows the young man’s brother and is acquainted with the young man’s whole family. Mr. Dececco said, “It’s just crazy. It’s like God put me at that spot, at the right time. I’ve talked to his sister and his brother. Right now, he’s like calling me a guardian angel, like I saved his brother’s life. And he’s talking about, he owes me. He don’t really owe me nothin’. I’m just being a Good Samaritan, that’s all.” Normally, Mr. Dececco would have ridden an earlier bus, but he was too late to catch it. He said, “I’m just proud to be there when I was, to save him. It’s a good thing. It’s a good feeling. I just pray, if someone [had] seen me in that predicament, they’d do the same thing. Out of the kindness of my heart, I see someone in trouble, I’m going to help them.” He added about the young driver, “I just hope everything’s okay with him. I hope he comes out walking, and fine.”

For More Information: Sara Mullen, “Good samaritan tells how he helped save driver.” WIVB ((Buffalo, New York). 14 June 2014


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