Lisel Silver and Goodwill Good Deed: $7,500 Returned to Rightful Owner

On 5 July 2014, Christopher Jones donated to a Goodwill in the Willow Glen neighborhood area of San Jose, California, some of his father’s clothing, including a suit in which $7,500 in cash had been left in a coat pocket. Fortunately, a Goodwill sorter found and returned the money to his father, retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Albert Jones. John Carr from Goodwill said, “The sorter, Lisel Silver, went through the coat on the 5th of July and discovered that it had an envelope containing 75 $100 bills.” Also in the coat pocket were two Bank of America receipts, but they lacked a name; Bank of America employees were able to identity the account holder. Before his clothing was donated, Albert Jones said that he had some extra cash somewhere in his house. Christopher Jones said, “Sure he was happy that he got the money back, but I think he was also happier of the fact that his memory wasn’t as faulty as he thought it was and that perhaps others thought it was.” The Joneses donated $1,500 to Goodwill. The Joneses donated $1,500 to Goodwill.

For Further Information: Matt Bigler, “San Jose Goodwill Worker’s Good Deed Gets Repaid After Finding $7,500 In Donated Suit Pocket.” KCBS (San Francisco, California). 5 September 2014

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