“Cashier Woman Saves Me from Embarrassment”

Personal Item

Source: paynehouse, “Cashier woman saves me from embarrassment.” Imgur. 9 September 2014


On 9 September 2014, Redditor paynehouse posted on Imgur a Good Girl Gina meme with this heading: “Cashier woman saves me from embarrassment.” The text of the meme stated, “CHECKED OUT A PERSONAL ITEM AT WALGREENS / WOMAN AT COUNTER IMMEDIATELY THREW WHAT I WAS BUYING INTO A BAG SO AS TO CONCEAL MY PURCHASE FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS.” At least one Redditor was curious about the personal item, and paynehouse stated that it was Lotrimin Antifungal Cream, which is advertised as curing “most jock itch.” Redditor Poxyfox commented, “Personally as a cashier I also do this with anything that could be considered even remotely embarrassing. Just seems like common courtesy to me.” Unfortunately, not all cashiers are so kind: Redditor cat-bot commented, “Ah, and I had the pleasure of a cashier who claimed she didn’t know how to remove the anti-theft tag from my Plan B and flamboyantly ask[ed] for help from her coworker friend in the next lane and laugh[ed].”

For Further Information: “Lotrimin AF AF Clotrimazole Antifungal Cream.” Walgreens.com. Accessed 10 September 2014


For Further Information: paynehouse, “Cashier woman saves me from embarrassment.” Reddit. 9 September 2014


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