“My Name is Diane, and I Think I Have Something that Belongs to You”

In December 2013, an African-American woman named Diane found over $1,000 in a CVS parking lot in Kansas City, Missouri. She contacted Fox4 in an attempt to find the money’s rightful owner. The money was in an envelope and had been run over by several cars. After the story aired on TV, many people contacted her, but only one had the correct information about the money and the envelope it was found in. That man was Gene, who is 85 years old. He said that he is disabled and unable to shop for Christmas presents and therefore intended to give the money to relatives as Christmas presents. She went to Gene’s house and said, “My name is Diane, and I think I have something that belongs to you.” Gene gave Diane a reward.

For Further Information: MACRADEE AEGERTER, “Man’s missing money returned thanks to FOX 4 viewer.” Fox4 (Kansas City, Missouri). 19 December 2013


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