Pod of 70 Beached Dolphins Rescued

On 9 September 2014, three fishermen from Kerry, Ireland, and Kevin Flannery, who is the director of Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium, spent hours saving as many as 70 beached dolphins. Mr. Flannery said, “We removed the calves first. There was about 15 of them, I’ve never seen so many in a pod before. My figuring was that the calves that were fully ashore had gotten stuck there while chasing mackerel. Their screeching attracted the older dolphins, who were caught in shallow water, who in turn got stuck as well. Using the fishermen’s boats, we transported the younger dolphins out to sea, and then encouraged and herded the older ones out of the harbour.” He said that such a beaching is “highly unusual.” He also stated that the three fishermen deserve “enormous praise,” pointing out that each fisherman had given up a day’s work in order to rescue the dolphins.

For More Information: “Fishermen rescue massive family of 70 dolphins beached in west Kerry.” The Journal (Ireland). 10 September 2014


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