“I’m Just a Mom. It was My Motherly Instinct to Take Care of This Man. I Didn’t Think About the Surroundings or the Situation. Nothing at All, It was Just This Man in Need”

On 7 September 2014, Topeka, Kansas, police Corporal Jason Harwood was shot during a traffic stop and later died. Gina Barron-Jaramillo and her son Dominic arrived on the site moments after the shooting and saw Corporal Harwood bleeding and lying on the ground. Gina said, “I hollered at Dominic, ‘Son, call 911! Call 911!’ and I got down next to him.” She is CPR qualified, but she had never performed it in real life. She said, “I’m not a tall person, so I was trying to get down next to him. I tried to get on, I was struggling.” Fortunately, a man showed up to help: “He goes, ‘I got that, you take care of him.’” She cradled Corporal Harwood’s head in her hands. She said, “I just spoke to him, talked to him the whole time. ‘Just stay with me.’ I was here to help him, I wasn’t going to leave him. Paramedics were on their way.” She also used Corporal Harwood’s police radio to make a call: “6th and Deer Creek, officer down, officer down! Help me, please! Just help me, please!” She said, “I’m just a mom. It was my motherly instinct to take care of this man. I didn’t think about the surroundings or the situation. Nothing at all, it was just this man in need and I needed to help him.” She added, “He has these beautiful big blue eyes, I will never forget that. Looking up at me — I know the look in his eyes was asking me for help.” Paramedics arrived and picked up Corporal Harwood and took him away. She said, “God put me here for a reason. He put us there for a reason, knowing we could handle this, looking at it as a good deed we did for somebody.”

Source: Eric Burke, “‘I’m just a mom,’ Good Samaritan talks about helping Cpl. Jason Harwood in final moments.” WDAF-TV (Kansas City, Missouri). 10 September 2014


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