Be Nice to Girls

In 2014, running back Ray Rice was suspended by the Baltimore Ravens after video surfaced of him hitting and knocking unconscious his then-fiancée. Many former fans burned their Ray Rice NFL jerseys, but Ravens fans Bryan Bartlett and his wife, Angie, decided to modify their young daughter’s Ray Rice jersey. Brynn, age six, now wears a jersey on which “RICE” has been modified to “NICE.” The Bartlett parents also added a few words so that the jersey now reads, “”BE NICE TO GIRLS.” Mr. Bartlett said, “Before we made the shirts, we had talked to both of our kids … we told them that they know that no matter how mad they get or how frustrated they get, never to hit anybody, not hit a boy, not hit a girl, never hit anybody.” Parenting expert Stacy Kaiser said, “What we’re seeing here is something that’s ideal for all parents to do, which is taking a bad situation and turning it into a good, teachable moment.” Mr. Bartlett said that he was “really just thinking about my daughter and what would almost make me feel good about the message that she had on her shirt. It’s very important to me that she has pride in herself and feels empowered.” Brynn said about the jersey, “I like it. I think it looks really cool.”

For More Information: Tara Berardi, “Ravens Fans Alter Girl’s Ray Rice Jersey to ‘Be Nice to Girls.’” Yahoo! News. 12 September 2014

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