“I was Desperate and Upset. I Was so Afraid Josh would have to Scream His [Wedding] Vows to Me”

Ten days before her wedding, Jade Glover’s hearing aids broke, meaning that she would likely not be able to hear her husband recite his wedding vows. She said, “I was desperate and upset. I was so afraid Josh would have to scream his vows to me.” She went to Connect Hearing at the Nightowl complex in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, to tell them about her problem. She was worried that her hearing aids would not be repaired on time and would cost thousands of dollars to repair. Alan Fort, audiologist at Connect Hearing, overheard Ms. Glover while he was in his office. He said, “I was having a bad week, and I know Jade was, too. Being able to help her turned both of our weeks around.” Mr. Fort lent her a premium set of hearing aids for her wedding day. Ms. Glover said, “It was such a brilliant moment. Because of Alan, my wedding day was just wonderful.” Mr. Fort then asked hearing aid manufacturer Unitron to help Ms. Glover, and in January 2014 Unitron donated a new pair of state-of-the-art hearing aids to her. The hearing aids are so state of the art that a very happy and thankful Ms. Glover said that she could not afford to buy them.

For More Information: Ebony Battersby, “Hearing-impaired bride’s wedding saved by kind gesture.” The Observer (Gladstone, Queensland, Australia). 17 January 2014


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