“I Wish to be a Princess in a Fairytale”

In 2014, Make-A-Wish® Hawaii granted the wish of six-year-old Addison, who is in remission from acute lymphoid leukemia — and who believes that unicorns live in the rainforest. This was her wish: “I wish to be a Princess in a Fairytale.” Addison received this message: “Dear Princess Addison, you are humbly invited to the Kingdom of Arboretia where magic and revelry await, only for the pure of heart do we open our gates. We can’t reveal your quest just yet, but a journey through an enchanted forest will surely be a part of the test! Let me give you a clue, a song, a flower and a fruit is all that’s needed to bid you adieu. This journey will reveal something you never knew… This is the day your dream will come true!” Addison went from the state of Georgia to the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii, where she heard the town Squire make this announcement: “Once upon a time, in a land far away in a valley called Waimea, there lived a Queen who used the gifts of the rainforest to make herself beautiful. She used the sap from the trees as hair gel, the color from flower petals as eye shadow and the juice from berries as lip-gloss. The Queen had stolen from the rainforest too many times and the magical forest nymphs had had enough of it! The animals of the rainforest no longer had sweet sap to drink, and the hummingbirds no longer had flowers to drink from. Even the most mythical creature of all, the Unicorn, has disappeared from the forest. So the nymphs kidnapped the Queen, and held her captive in the rainforest, so she could do no more harm.” Princess Addison had to accomplish three tasks to free the Queen, who would learn that true beauty comes from within. Task One: Find the most beautiful flower in the rainforest. The nymphs of the rainforest would use it to replenish the land’s beauty. Task Two: Find the sweetest fruit in the rainforest. The nymphs of the rainforest would use its seeds to produce more fruit trees. Task Three: Find the long-lost unicorn. The unicorn would make everyone happy again. Addison accomplished the third task by singing “Over the Rainbow”: “Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.” Addison said about the unicorn, “We found out it liked songs, then I got to sit on the unicorn at the end, and it was happily ever after.” Danielle Bulloch, Addison’s mother, said, “It’s just really touching to see the lengths that everybody has gone through to make her day so memorable. I teared up twice as we were walking through the forest looking for flowers and fruits.” She added, “It’s been grueling watching her go through being sick and going through chemotherapy. Even when she was in the throes of the heaviest doses of chemo, when there were days when she couldn’t even walk because she was so weak and her blood counts were so low, she still had a smile on her face.” Siana Hunt, Make-A-Wish Hawaii president and CEO, said, “A wish helps you put all of that behind, even for just a small moment.”

 For More Information: “Addison is a Princess in her very own Fairytale!” Make-A-Wish® Hawaii. Accessed 14 September 2014


For More Information: “Make-A-Wish Hawaii grants girl’s dream to meet a unicorn.” KHON (Honolulu, Hawaii). 8 September 2014


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