“A Shout-Out to the Lady Who Found My Wallet and Phone And Returned Them. Whoever You Are, I’m Forever Grateful”

In August 2014, Pao Lor, a columnist for The Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) who lives in Kimberly, Wisconsin, put his wallet and phone on top of the trunk of one of his family’s cars. Unfortunately, his son drove away in that car. Mr. Lor asked his daughter to text his son to check for the phone and wallet; unfortunately, they were no longer on the trunk. After telling his daughter to text his son to look for the phone and wallet, Mr. Lor then got on his bicycle and looked for the lost items, but could not find them and so returned to his home. Fortunately, a police officer stopped at his home and asked, “Are you Pao?” Receiving the answer yes, the police officer said, “I think I have something that belongs to you.” He then gave Mr. Lor his phone and wallet, explaining, “A neighbor saw them scattered in the street while she was walking. She tried to see who they belonged to but couldn’t find anything with any address. She tried dialing a person on the phone but they couldn’t understand each other. So, she decided to call us.” Actually, the wallet contained a driver license, but it was in a hidden compartment. Of course, Mr. Lor thanked the police officer. Later, Mr. Lor received a phone call from a cousin in Green Bay, who said to him in the Southeastern Asia language Hmong, “Are you OK? Someone crazy lady was calling me, using your cell phone.” Mr. Lor replied, “Yeah, I’m OK. But it wasn’t some crazy lady. She actually found my lost phone and wallet and was trying to call you.” In his column for The Post-Crescent, Mr. Lor wrote, This column is a shout-out to the lady who found my wallet and phone and returned them. Whoever you are, I’m forever grateful. This is a story I’ll tell our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren about life and, most important, about moral responsibilities and values.”

For More Informstion: Pao Lor, “Wallet, phone lost, but faith in others found.” The Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin). 31 August 2014


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