Google: Fully Funds All September 2014 Los Angeles Unified School District Teachers Requests on

On 15 September 2014, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced some very good news: Google had funded — fully — every request by a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) teacher — 1,071 projects in total — that was on the education crowdfunding site The donation amounted to almost $1 million. The teachers will use the money to purchase such classroom supplies as paper, pencils, books, laptops, microscopes, musical instruments, bird guides, binoculars, and a bilingual classroom library. Mayor Garcetti said, “Our school teachers give their all every day to ensure that Los Angeles students reach their full potential. We’re grateful for their ongoing dedication and passion that’s inspiring the next generation of Angelenos — and I’m thrilled that the help of Google and will help every student reach their dreams a little faster.” Thomas Williams, Head of Google’s Venice, California, office, said, “As a longtime resident of Los Angeles and parent of students in LAUSD, I’ve seen how hard our schoolteachers work, how dedicated they are and how, often, the resources they would like to have to help our children just aren’t available. As our office and company has been committed to education, especially for underserved communities, it was a perfect opportunity to fund all the projects throughout LAUSD.” Charles Best, founder and CEO of, said, “We are so humbled and grateful to Google for their devotion to our teachers and students. This is a great day for Los Angeles classrooms.”

For More Information: “Google Surprises Los Angeles Teachers By Flash Funding All Classroom Requests On” CNBC. 15 September 2014

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