“Sorry About Your Home. It was Already on Fire When We Showed Up. We Moved Your Trucks to the Other Side of the Road. Thanks for Leaving the Keys”

On 15 September 2014, a massive fire destroyed approximately 100 homes in Weed, California, including that of Phillip and Rosanna Alvarado. Rosanna said that they had lived in their home “a lifetime. We lived there 30 years and two weeks.” Not only was their home — with the exception of the chimney — now ashes, their swing set was melted, and their motorcycles were charred. They did grab some photograph albums and money as they left their home. Phillip Alvarado lost his comic books: “About 300 of them. Spider-Man number one, X-Men, and all those.” When they returned to their home to check out what, if anything, was left, Phillip opened their mailbox and checked for mail. Inside it, he found a note that the firefighters had left. The note said, “Sorry about your home. It was already on fire when we showed up. We moved your trucks to the other side of the road. Thanks for leaving the keys.” The note was signed, “Calfire Siskiyou.” Siskiyou is a county in California. The Alvaradoes were touched that the firefighters left the note. One of the Alvaradoes (not identified) said, “I cried. That was the first time I cried. Yeah, it was really special that they cared enough to do that.”

For More Information: Ken Wayne, “Family gets heartfelt note from firefighters who tried to save their home.” KTVU (Oakland, California). 17 September 2014


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