Bill: $14.01; Tip: $1,000

On 11 September 2014, a man with a $14.01 bill for a few drinks left a $1,000 tip. The lucky recipient of the tip was Chrisi Kemp, a 37-year-old bartender at One Whirled Café in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Ms. Kemp can use the money. Her five-year-old daughter has been ill and seeing a doctor, and her washing machine broke recently. She and her husband paid their bills, but they had no disposable income. Ms. Kemp said, “I … I … I’m still just speechless about some parts of it. I can’t even believe. And I think my bosses were shocked because they came out and are like are you sure you want to do this? And the gentleman was like ‘Yeah.’” The generous tipper wants to remain anonymous, but he said that he believes in karma. Chris Ortlepp, a chef/owner at One Whirled Café, said, “We were extremely surprised, astonished.” Chris added about the tipper: “He was adamant about it. He was very forthcoming that he was in a position to do this and very willing to do so, and he was going to stand by it.”

For More Information: Elaina Athans, “MAN LEAVES WAKE FOREST BARTENDER $1,000 TIP.” ABC. 18 September 2014

For More Information: Eun Kyung Kimn, “Generous customer surprises bartender with $1,000 tip on $14 tab.” Today News. 19 September 2014

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