“It has to be the Most Reassuring Thing in the World to Have Mike Tyson Telling People Not to Touch Me”

In September 2014, Ryan Chesley was knocked off his motorcycle when a taxi cut him off in Las Vegas, Nevada. He suffered a broken ankle and torn ligaments and muscles; he will need surgery. Fortunately, Mike Tyson and three of Iron Mike’s friends assisted him until professional help arrived; they also blocked traffic to keep him safe. Mr. Chesley’s lawyer, Stephen Stubbs, said, “He looked up and saw Mike Tyson. [Mr. Tyson] was saying ‘don’t worry, don’t worry,’ people are coming.’” He added that Mr. Chesley “didn’t know what was happening. [Mr. Tyson] just stood by him and talked to him. When he was done with the good deed, he just took off.” Mr. Chesley later sent a fruit basket and a thank-you letter to Mr. Tyson. Mr. Stubbs said that Mr. Chesley “wanted to say thank you. We asked if we could send chocolates, but his rep said ‘no, he’s a health nut.’ We sent him a fruit basket because he is into antioxidants.” This is the text of the thank-you letter:

“Dear Iron Mike,

“Thank you so much for looking over me after my accident. It has to be the most reassuring thing in the world to have Mike Tyson telling people not to touch me.

“I can never thank you enough.

“Ryan Chesley”

For Further Information: Joe Landau, “Mike Tyson assists victim of motorcycle crash on way to Las Vegas: lawyer.” New York Daily News. 23 September 2014


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