“From My Viewpoint, It Appeared that the Fire was Behind Her and She Literally Had the Kids Out the Window”

In September 2014, a fire started burning in a Detroit, Michigan, home occupied by a mother and her three small children. Neighbor Jerome Simpson heard screaming. He said, “I’m so glad I was around because she was screaming and nobody was near.” He saw a woman holding three small children as she leaned out of an upstairs window. Mr. Simpson said, “From my viewpoint, it appeared that the fire was behind her and she literally had the kids out the window.” Smoke was pouring out of the window. He said, “I asked her to drop them, you know, and she did, one at a time.” Mr. Simpson caught each child; he estimated the children’s ages as being between one year and four years old. He then moved them away from the house to safety. He said, “You try to focus on keeping them safe … block out everything else.” The mother also escaped the fire. He said, “I told her to get down low and crawl out. And she did. The house was full of smoke. She asked me to put the kids in the car.” The mother was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital, and her children were taken to Children’s Hospital. Mr. Simpson said, “I’m just so thankful to God that He worked it out … I pray that [the mother] will be all right.”

Source: Roger Weber, “Neighbor catches kids dropped from burning Detroit home.” Click On Detroit (Michigan). 26 September 2014


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