An Accidentally Made BBQ Bacon Pizza

Specialty Pizza

Source: Jamesev93, “‘Sorry I made the BBQ bacon pizza by accident, do you know anyone else that would want it?’ she said with a wink.” Imgur. 28 September 2014

On 28 September 2014, Jamesev93 posted on Imgur a Good Girl Gina meme with this caption: “‘Sorry I made the BBQ bacon pizza by accident, do you know anyone else that would want it?’ she said with a wink.” This is the text: “HEARS I AM ONLY 50 CENTS SHORT FOR A SPECIALTY PIZZA, LEAVING ME TO ORDER A CHEAPER AND LESS APPETIZING PIZZA / ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ MAKES THE PIZZA I DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR.”

So, was Good Girl Gina actually Bad Employee Heather? Zheon commented, “Not exactly, if it means that the customer was so happy with the service [that] he will give the place good reviews to friends and family, as well as likely be a return customer. Being a good employee means keeping the customer happy enough that they want to come back, and want to recommend the place to others. Likely about a $1 gross loss for the pizza joint on that sale’s profit, but it should lead to further future sales. Just looking at the big picture though.”

On Reddit, Jamesev93 wrote about some of his own good deeds:

“I remember doing something like this for a nice kid. Used to work in a store in an amusement park that sold candy, too. To put the candy through you get scales, measure the amount of candy and times by like however many cents per gram. We always threw away so much candy as kids would drop it and no one really cared. This kid came up, really polite, about 10 years old, asking me how getting candy worked. I told him to pick the candy he wanted and come back to me and I’ll tell him how much it is.

“He brought back about $5 worth and only had $3; he wouldn’t know how much is $5 worth until he came to check. When I told him it was $5, I saw him look down into his hand to count his change. He looked so sad. I asked him how much he had, ‘I only have $3’ I thought about taking more candy out, but I just faked an input weight and gave the kid his candy for $3. He probably didn’t realize what I had done but it made me feel good.

“Tl;Dr gave a nice kid $2 more of candy

“There was also another time when a kid’s 50c got stuck in the jawbreaker machine and the candy didn’t come out. The machine was outside the shop front and I walked out to help. It was pretty busy being summer holidays. Sure enough the mechanism was stuck with a jawbreaker in limbo. I had no idea how I was supposed to fix it, so I just lifted it about 2 inches and dropped it. About 25 jawbreakers came out. I just stood there like ‘what do I do now’. All the kids within 20 meters turned to look at their prey as the candy twirled around the plastic innards. Do I tell my manager and be the bad guy, or do I let the kids destroy the evidence and be the good guy. So I just shrugged, said ‘have fun’ and walked back inside.

“Tldr Jawbreakers for everyone. “

As usual, Redditors had some good comments:

1) akatherder commented, “I was at an arcade once when a guy was working on the token machine. No one was paying much attention, but then he dropped a canister of tokens. There was a moment of hesitation as the nearby 15-20 kids stopped in their tracks and stared at the couple hundred tokens spinning and bouncing around. It seemed like stealing to go grabbing the tokens … One kid reached down and picks up a couple at his feet. The worker just says ‘Well, go on then. There’s no way I’m picking all this up.’

“It was a mob scene. Tokens were worth their weight in gold to kids that age. I remember going to a birthday party where they put full-size candy bars in a piñata … It looked like a rugby scrum. That was nothing compared to this mayhem. Kids were running, screaming, grabbing, pushing. Some kids tried separating a pile off to the side like it was all theirs. Nope. Other kids came and just started picking up their pile. I wished I could just sit back and watch, but I was in the mix trying to get my fair share, too.

“I noticed the worker and the other workers came to watch and enjoy the fray. They might’ve done it on purpose.”

2) ElVidVargas, “I remember one time I was buying a King Kit Kat Bar. I was by myself in the check out and I didn’t have enough money. I didn’t realize this until the clerk told me I needed to pay slightly more than I had. I must have had a very sad face when I put away the Kit Kat as a white woman behind me asked how much it cost and paid for me. This happened when I was 6-7. I’m 21 now. One of [the] random memories my brain decided to keep.”

3) IHaveMoreGunsThanYou commented, “I used to work at a pizza place and they always told us to make sure we throw the old pizza in the dumpster (and make sure they’re thrown in the dumpster good) at the end of the night because homeless people would dig through the dumpster to get it if we didn’t. F[**]k that sh[*]t, they would get it anyways. I always sat the boxes in a nice pile on the dumpster because f[**]k making someone else lose dignity when they don’t have to.”

For More Information: Jamesev93, “‘Sorry I made the BBQ bacon pizza by accident, do you know anyone else that would want it?’ she said with a wink.” Reddit. 28 September 2014

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