Did You Ever Get a Response to Your Fan Letter?


Source: “chuck palahniuk care package.” Imgur. 29 September 2014


On 29 September 2014, MattMaster asked on Reddit, “Did you ever get a response to your fan letter?” Here are some answers:

1) livefast221 wrote, “Martin Sheen came to talk at my alma mater. I am a huge Martin Sheen fan, and he’s had a profound effect on my family. I had dropped out of college and The West Wing inspired me to get my ass back in school and finish. My father, who was an author and very ill, spent the last few years of his life writing the Great American Novel by hand (his carpel tunnel and arthritis made typing impossible, but he could still hold a pen) while watching The West Wing over and over. He had previously published a book where one of the characters was written specifically for Martin Sheen should it ever be made into a movie. As it happened, a writer/director/producer had gotten in touch with my father about making that book into a movie a few months before he died (hasn’t happened yet).

“Anyway, I wrote Martin a letter, grabbed a copy of the book and went to his talk. First of all, nicest guy in the world. He shook every hand, posed for every picture and signed every autograph. I waited till the very end and handed him the book with the letter tucked inside. He went to sign it and I explained that I wasn’t asking for an autograph, the book was a gift, and the letter explained everything.

“(I know this part sounds like it was scripted for Hollywood but every word is true) Fast forward a few months. I’m in Vegas in Caesar’s Palace waiting for a poker tournament to start. I was watching The West Wing on my iPod. Happened to be my father’s favorite episode (‘In Excelsis Deo’) when my phone rings. It was Martin Sheen. We talked for about a half hour. He read the book and loved it. He wanted to know all about who my father was. At the end he gave me his home number and told me to call him any time. We’ve spoken a few times since. We invited him to my wedding and he sent a lovely card apologizing that he couldn’t make it due to a commitment to promote his movie The Way with his son Emilio in Europe on that date. He couldn’t be a nicer or more genuine human being. I wish him nothing but the very best.”

2) Proteon wrote, “I wrote to Charles M. Schultz, illustrator of Peanuts (Charlie Brown), in elementary school as part of a class project and he wrote back with this advice which I to this day love which basically said, ‘Once your art is done and sent out, turn your back on it and go back to your art; don’t lose focus worrying about how something you already sent out will be received.’”

3) bluto521 wrote, “In fifth grade we had to write to who we wanted to be when we grew up. I wrote to Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. I received an autographed picture from both. I was not allowed to share the Jim Carrey picture with my class because it said, ‘Spank you very much.’”

4) LC4LYF wrote, “Wrote a letter to 221b Baker Street. Got a letter back from the guy who owns that place/museum saying Sherlock Holmes kinda retired, busy with bee keeping but is still interested in the modern crimes that come with today’s technology and helps out sometimes. And there was a leather bookmark included. So cool.”

5) Purecheetodust wrote, “Wrote a letter to Chuck Palahniuk [author of novel Fight Club] the year I graduated high school. Basically telling him how much I enjoyed his novels. I got a handwritten letter and care package from him that included an advanced readers copy of Diary. Still have the care package somewhere ….”

Stumper93 commented, “Chuck Palahniuk was amazing when I had written him a letter many years ago. I think I was in middle school and told him how much I loved Fight Club and that I was working on reading his other works. He sent me a package. No kidding. A package filled with goodies. Probably the same type you had gotten, too. He called it ‘my own personal book signing’. In it was many gag gifts, some audiobook samples, my own personal letter, and even my own power animal (a dog).

“I don’t have a scan of the letter on me, but that was easily the most thoughtful thing I’ve ever gotten from someone famous. He had written something along the lines of ‘glad you enjoyed my book, this letter might be hard for me to write considering your age, sorry if Guts freaked you out, and still believe in Santa Claus.’

“Chuck’s a great guy!”

For Further Information: MattMaster, “Did you ever get a response to your fan letter?” Reddit. 29 September 2014


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