The Man with the Golden Blood

Australian James Harrison is the man with the golden blood. Now aged 77, he started donating blood at age 18 and has made over 1,000 blood donations. At age 14, he had fallen ill and needed 13 liters of blood to survive chest surgery. Mr. Harrison’s blood is special: It has a rare antibody that can cure rhesus disease, which Solana Islam, a writer for InspireMore, defined as “a severe form of anaemia that causes either death or brain damage for newborns.” His blood has been used to help an estimated 2.4 MILLION babies — including one of his own grandchildren — survive the condition. Mr. Harrison denies that he is a hero: “The people on the front line, the police, the emergency services, they’re the heroes because they’re out there doing it. I just catch the train down to Sydney from the Central Coast as often as I can, read a good book, donate, and come back.” Mr. Harrison says that donating blood is quite simple: “An hour of your time is a lifetime for someone else.”

For Further Information: Sohana Islam, “Miracle Man James Harrison Has Saved Over 2 Million Newborns By Donating His Blood.” InspireMore. 25 September 2014

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Free PDF book for Mature Readers: Honey Badger Goes to Hell — and Heaven

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