“What is the Nicest Thing You have Ever Done for a Person?”

On 7 October 2014, Redditor Geiravor asked, “What is the nicest thing you have ever done for a person?” Here are some replies:

1) Mungo–Clump wrote, “Adopted him,” then joked, “Little ingrate called me a poo-poo head and giggled at me this morning. After everything I’ve done for him….”

Mamietea commented, “I was adopted and my mom always told me, ‘All babies come out of a stomach. YOU came out of MY HEART because I chose you.’ I was never kept in the dark about being adopted and my parents took me out of class in grade 1 to let me hold the papers with them and it was official. One of the best days of my life right there. I knew right then that no one could relocate me or take my stability away again. Holding those papers in my hand and seeing my new name there was priceless.

“Priceless. I finally had a home and no one was going to uproot me (again) and send me back to the orphanage. It was forever. To all the adoptive parents out there, thank God above for you. I am so very grateful to my parents and to people who take that chance on a kid who has NOBODY — that’s God’s work right there. I salute you and thank each and every one of you.”

2) Mantis_MD wrote, “My friends and I paid off another friend’s mother’s medical bills.

“Most of my friends (including me) come from families with means, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed we tend to stick together for various reasons. However, one guy in our group comes from a pretty normal middle-class family; we all love him mostly because he’s an awesome guy, but also because he really doesn’t give a sh[*]t about the fact that we have money. Which sadly is pretty rare.

“Anyhow back in junior year of college his mom got cancer and with our fantastic health care system here in the US the bills inevitably started piling up. Naturally they had to prioritize the bills which meant that my friend had to pick up extra shifts to afford spending money. His grades soon began to drop and eventually he quit the soccer teams.

“My friends and I who had never really seen someone we cared about go through something like this (struggling with money) decided to do something about it. We knew our friend would never accept money from us, so we decided to visit his mother.

“At first she refused, she was even embarrassed. Which in hindsight was easy to understand, here came three blonde guys who never earned a penny on their own, barely over the drinking age, to ‘save’ a women who had worked hard her entire life. I guess what won her over was telling her how much her son was struggling; he obviously put up a brace face whenever he talked to his parents so they didn’t know how bad he had it. Not only financially (there are plenty of struggling college kids out there), but how much he worried about his mother.

“This happened a little over two years ago, and my friend still has no idea we did it. He did, however, get back on his feet and graduated with great grades.”

stew-roids commented, “I don’t know who you are. But I love you.”

3) PM_Me_tasteful_nude wrote, “Stopped to change a tyre for a young lady late at night; she was very nervous and quite shaken up from the tyre going. Once it was all changed, she was too shaken up to drive, so I drove her and her car back to her parents’ house (only 20 mins away), and got a friend to pick me up from there to go back and get my car. At some point she must have decided I wasn’t a serial killer.”

SUFC1889 commented, “I did this once and it took f[**]king hours.

“Two ladies in the middle of the night, one of them was crying and the other one was just staring at the tyre.

“They had the wrong tools and the wrong jack, no mobile phone, and no hope of changing this tyre unless they called out an AA van they couldn’t afford.

“I was on my motorbike so after an hour and a half of trying with the wrong tools, I rode home, then drove back out in my car with my jack and tools to change the tyre.”

4) latinalovesasians wrote, “Some of my friends aren’t well off financially, so I like to buy new clothes since we’re around the same size, and pretend that I hate the way they look on me. I have them come over and take all of the clothes home. They always comment that I dress pretty nice and always look pretty, so I want them to feel the same way without bringing up their financial situation or embarrassing them.”

She added, “I just do it because I love them. They’re some of the most amazing people who have been there for me through some incredibly difficult times.”

5) Doddamn_Spinnakers wrote, “So I was selling peanuts at a rodeo, and every time I passed by this one family there would be a little kid saying hi. I waved back and eventually he stopped me and asked for a bag of peanuts. I was saving up money for something and that’s why I was doing a job, and peanuts were $3 a bag. His mom looked at him and said he couldn’t have one. From the looks of his mother, I could tell she was one of those hard-working, working-2-jobs single mothers. I took money out of my paycheck (which was low enough as it is) and bought the kid a bag of peanuts. So far that is one of the nicest things I did to someone. Just letting a little boy have a bag of expensive peanuts. TL;DR: Gave a kid a bag of expensive peanuts and paid for it since the mother was having money troubles.”

For More Information: Geiravor, “What is the nicest thing you have ever done for a person?” Reddit. 7 October 2014


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