“I’ll Save You!”

I'll Save You

Source: vadrotan, “My daughter woke up crying from a nightmare last night.” Imgur. 7 October 2014


On 7 October 2014, Redditor vadrotan posted on Imgur a Good Guy Greg meme with this heading: “My daughter woke up crying from a nightmare last night.” The text of the meme stated, “BEFORE MY WIFE OR I COULD [GET] THERE, MY 2-YEAR-OLD SON CHARGED INTO HER ROOM / WITH A TOY LIGHTSABER, YELLING ‘I’LL SAVE YOU!’”

m4jikthise commented: “Sleep Wars. Episode IV: A NEW HOPE. Not such a long time ago, in a bedroom down the hall …. It is a period of sister unrest. Rebel dreams, striking from hidden corners of the brain, have won their first victory against the evil Nightmare Empire. During the battle, rebel thoughts managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the SLEEP STAR, an armored phobia with enough power to destroy an entire night. Pursued by the Empire’s sinister thoughts, Princess Laya dozes to dreamland aboard her sleepship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her dreams and restore peace to the galaxy ….”

MoonBanana commented, “My brother HATED me when I was born. One day he stomped into the kitchen and asked my Mom what day the garbage men came, and when she asked him why, he said he was going to put me in the garbage. He also tried pushing me down the stairs when I was in a stroller. He was horrid to me! Once I was old enough to defend myself, though, we did beat the crap out of each other. My Dad taught me how to throw a punch because he picked on me so bad, and anytime he heard my brother say ‘OW,’ my Dad would ask him, ‘Did you start it?’ and he would stick out his bottom lip and say ‘Yeah,’ and my Dad would say, ‘Then you deserved it.’”

For More Information: vadrotan, “My daughter woke up crying from a nightmare last night.” Reddit. 7 October 2014


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