“Is It Weird for Me to Compliment You Randomly with No Intention of Hitting on You?”

On 12 October 2014, canicomplimentyou asked on the subReddit AskWomen, “Is it weird for me to compliment you randomly with no intention of hitting on you?” canicomplimentyou elaborated, “Sometimes when I come across a really pretty or cute girl on campus (and I’m not interested in hitting on them or coming across that way, at least not in the initial situation. I’m not easily attracted to a girl just because she’s pretty or cute, need personality and similar interests), I just want to compliment them on how they look that day or in general or maybe what they did to look good (hair or outfit perhaps). Would that be weird? I barely ever do it because I feel like it might be weird to compliment and not follow up or maybe I worry about worst case scenario where they just feel uncomfortable or insult me for ‘hitting on them’.

“Perhaps it’s a confidence issue since I haven’t been with a woman in quite a while, but anyways I just want to know how the majority of women would react to something like that. I feel like the answer to this question also depends on how attractive the person it’s coming from is.”

Here are some replies from women:

1) 7thbrightshiner wrote, “To me, these are the absolute best type of compliments and always make my day! The key thing is to say something nice and then walk away. A compliment with no expectations is a rare thing!”

2) SickGame wrote, “One time, I was in line at Subway and this average-looking guy complimented me on my shoes. This guy creeped me out because he crowded my space, because of his tone of voice (it was kind of slimy and lascivious), and because he continued to talk to me about my shoes and my day even though I was visibly uncomfortable.

“Another time, a different guy complimented me on a dress I was wearing. Again, he was average-looking. However, this time, I was happy to receive the compliment. This man had a pleasant demeanor and it came across in his tone of voice. He didn’t linger, crowd me, or force a conversation on me.

“I think these examples should answer your question. It’s only weird if you make it weird.”

3) blessedintheshessed wrote, “If you comment on my outfit or hair or something, I would be flattered.

“If you commented on my body or something physical about me, it would be weird.”

4) weekendoffender wrote, “Nope, not weird at all. I’d find it quite lovely to get those kind of compliments.

“You know the best compliment I’ve ever gotten from a man I wasn’t dating? One night at the club, I walked past a table of young yahoo-looking lads. You know the ones, the kind of guys at the club that you expect to be groping women & generally being anti-social.

“So I walk past these guys & one of them calls out to me. I turn around, expecting to be told I was a fat pig or something. But instead he says, ‘Your handbag is f[**]king awesome!’ I blush a bit & genuinely say, ‘Thank you.’ As I walk off, I hear another one of them say, ‘Her cardigan is really cool, too’.

“I was pretty much walking on sunshine for the rest of the night.”

For More Information: canicomplimentyou, “Is it weird for me to compliment you randomly with no intention of hitting on you?” Reddit. 12 October 2014


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