$625: Lost, Found, and Returned

In July 2014, James Naug of Athens, Texas, lost his wallet, which contained $625 at Lake Athens. Because he did not think that he would ever get his wallet and money back, he did not notify the police. He said, “I remember, I put my wallet back in my pocket when I got out of the water. I didn’t notice it was missing until I got home. I prayed whoever found it needed the money.” Fortunately for him, 10-year-old Samuel Briggs found the wallet at Athens Marina. Samuel and his father took the wallet and money to the Athens (Texas) Police Department, and they were able to locate Mr. Naug, although the address on his ID was incorrect. Mr. Naug said, “Chief Buddy Hill did some research, and came up with the name of my stepmother who I haven’t seen in 30 years. She called, found my brother in Lewisville, Texas, and he found me.” Mr. Naug gave young Samuel a monetary reward. “You don’t find honesty like that anymore,” Mr. Naug said. “When I gave him the money, he shook my hand. A little while later, he asked his mother if he could get some change, and give some money to the boys who were with him when he made the discovery. He’s just a nice little boy.” Samuel’s mother, Lyndi Briggs, said about her son and the boys who were with him when he found the wallet, “They felt like they’d found a treasure.” The boys who were him are Seth Briggs, Owen Grey, and Eli Rincon.

Source: Rich Flowers, “Boy returns hundreds of dollars to man who lost his wallet.” Athens Daily Review (Athens, Texas). 3 October 2014


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