“You Raise Your Kids Hoping [They will] be Quality Human Beings, and Something Like this Validates That. We Couldn’t be Prouder of Them”

On 25 June 2014, brothers Michael Tirado, age 19, and Nicholas Tirado, age 14, were walking home on Slater Boulevard in Midland Beach, Staten Island, New York, when they heard a woman shrieking for help. Her idling car was rolling into the highly trafficked Slater Boulevard. They tried to stop the car by grabbing onto the trunk, which was open, but they could not stop it. Michael then jumped into the car and stopped it and turned its engine off. In the back seat, an infant was sleeping in a car seat. The woman thanked the boys and then drove away. The boys’ father, Joseph Tirado, said, “They came home and told me the story without thinking anything of it. But I said, ‘No, this is actually a really cool thing.’ I was shocked when I heard it.” Michael said, “If you see something and you can help — you should. We’re lucky. It could’ve been much worse.” A neighbor who witnessed the rescue said that the woman was carrying groceries to her car when it started rolling. Joseph Tirado said, “You raise your kids hoping [they will] be quality human beings, and something like this validates that. We couldn’t be prouder of them.”

For More Information: Vincent Barone, “Good news: Two heroic teens save infant in a runaway car on Slater Boulevard.” Silive.com. Staten Island Advance (Staten Island, New York). 5 July 2014; updated 7 July 2014


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