“Gee, Thanks for Being So Nice”

On 9 September 2014, Maggie Mikkelson, age 81, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, visited the Bed, Bath & Beyond on Tatum Boulevard in northeast Phoenix, Arizona. Unfortunately, she left her purse in a shopping cart outside the store. She returned, but her purse was gone and no one had turned it in at the store. She went home and started making telephone calls to cancel her credit cards. A few days later, a package arrived for her; inside was her purse with all its contents intact, including $61 in cash. Also in the package was this note: “Dear Mrs. Mikkelson, I found your purse in the basket on the parking lot outside of Bed, Bath & Beyond on Tatum. All of your belongings are there. Also, your cash money. I am new to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. I thought of taking it to the police. But I have no idea where to find a station. I know you are happy to have your belongings back. God bless you.” The note had no signature and no way to identify the Good Samaritan who had found and returned the purse. Ms. Mikkelson said, “When Phoenix was a little town, you might have expected that. But nowadays, we have so many bad things happen, we tend to think people are bad … but you find somebody like this that they go over and above. I just think they need to be thanked.” She contacted the Scottsdale Republic and thanked the anonymous Good Samaritan publicly in an article written by editor Chris Coppola. She said, “I feel so badly that I didn’t get their name or phone number or something, so I can say, ‘Gee, thanks for being so nice.’ They said they’re new to this area … I just want to say welcome — we’re lucky we get people like that.”

For More Information: Chris Coppola, “Scottsdale woman gains more than her purse from good deed.” Scottsdale Republic (Arizona). 17 September 2014


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