“Being that I Have Sisters of My Own, Several Female Relatives Which I’m Closer to, and Nieces, I Couldn’t Let That [a Rape] Happen”

On 31 May 2014 in Arlington, Virginia, a man allegedly followed a 31-year-old woman after she left the Arlington Metro. Outside the station, he allegedly threw her into a bush and attempted to rape her. She screamed, and four men who were in their 20s rescued her and called the police, who arrested a man and charged him with sexual battery. One of the four heroes is Mitchell Baltimore, a 24-year-old Northern Virginia college student majoring in psychology, who does not consider himself to be a hero. He explains, “Implying that someone is a hero implies that they did something that was out of the norm.” He believes that what he did was not out of the norm. He said that he and three friends intervened to help the woman after they heard her screaming: “[…] I immediately ran over where I heard sounds coming from, and at the time when I got there, there was a woman in the bushes and a guy kind of standing up at this point.” Mr. Baltimore asked what was going on and the woman said that she was being attacked, so he went after the attacker. Mr. Baltimore said, “His first words to me were, ‘You don’t know me.’” He added, “When I ran after him, I just put my hands on his shoulder; when he turned around, I got a sock to the face. At that point, I used some training I had previously in martial arts to put him in an arm bar and restrain him until the cops arrived.” His friends stayed with the woman; they did not want to talk publicly about their heroism. Mr. Baltimore said, “My virtues are selflessness, one of them, and I can’t imagine another human being walking by someone in that situation.” He added, “People let fear paralyze them from taking action that they know can help someone or save a life. Being that I have sisters of my own, several female relatives which I’m closer to, and nieces, I couldn’t let that happen.” The woman was shaken up mentally and bruised physically. The police arrested the suspect and charged him with sexual battery.

For More Information: Paul Brown, “Good Samaritans Stop Sexual Assault In Virginia.” Opposing Views. 4 June 2014


For More Information: Maureen Umeh, “Bystanders help stop sexual assault outside Courthouse Metro station.” Fox 5 (Washington DC). 4 June 2014


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