Strangers Can be Rapists, or Heroes

In April 2014, Good Samaritans helped women who were targeted by a rapist in Tacoma, Washington. On 5 April 2014, a homeless woman who was sleeping near South 13th Street and South Yakima Avenue was woken up by a strange man who told her that he wanted to have sex with her. When she said no, he hit her in the face. She screamed for her, and a passerby heard her and called 911 and scared the would-be rapist away. The man, however, succeeded in sexually assaulting a 59-year-old grandmother later that night. A man approached her, asked if she was lost, and grabbed her and sexually assaulted her against a fence. She screamed for help, and a stranger came and told the alleged rapist to get away from the woman. The alleged rapist lied and said that the woman was his girlfriend, but the stranger hit the alleged rapist and then walked with the victim to a hospital. A third woman was also allegedly assaulted. The police made an arrest in the case.

Source: Michael Harthorne, “Suspect arrested after Good Samaritans stop 2 sexual assaults.” KOMO (Seattle, Washington). 8 April 2014

Source: Stacia Glenn, “Man charged with two sexual assaults in Tacoma.” The News Tribune (Tacoma, Washington). 8 April 2014

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