“I am Paid to Uphold the Law, and It’s My Job to Set the Example Whether I’m Working or Not”

In October 2014, an off-duty California Highway Patrol sergeant (who wishes to remain anonymous) found two bank deposit bags lying in the middle of a road in Concord, Contra Costa County, California. The bags contained $120,000. The officer said, “I opened it [one of the bags] and it was filled with hundreds of hundred-dollar bills.” The money was the life savings of a man; CHP found him and returned his money to him. The CHP officer who found the money said that getting the money back to the man was “the right thing to do. I am paid to uphold the law, and it’s my job to set the example whether I’m working or not,” the sergeant said. “I am happy to hear the rightful owner was identified and that the money has been returned.” CHP Golden Gate Division Chief Avery Browne praised the sergeant, adding, “On too many occasions our personnel do not pause to be recognized as they feel they were simply doing their job.”

For More Information: “CHP Sergeant Finds $120K In Middle Of Concord Street; Cash Returned To Man Who Had Lost Life Savings.” CBS (San Francisco, California). 27 October 2014


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